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Kieunhae/Homin-My Funny Valentine

Valentines Drabble Dump
Title: My Funny Valentine
Length: Drabble

Pairing: Kibum/Donghae; Eunhyuk/Donghae
Rating: G
Genre: Romance; Fluff

Eunhyuk thinks that Valentine’s is a stupid holiday.

He figures that if a relationship is real enough, who needs a publicly proclaimed date to show his love for his boyfriend. After all, if the relationship is indeed real enough, everyday should be like Valentines—right?

So he tells an agreeable Donghae that he has to work on Valentines and that they’ll go on a date the day after, just like they have been doing for the past five years.

That is, until he receives a text from Donghae:
Hyung, I hope you don’t mind… But I have a ‘date’ for tomorrow! It’s not a date like a date with you but it’s like an appointment for dinner>.<

Of course, why would he mind? After all, he believes that his relationship with Donghae has reached a stage where there would be no secrets in their relationship, so it’s perfectly acceptable if Donghae chooses to go out with a friend on a regular day of the year, even if society calls that day ‘Valetines Day’. Right?

Oh really? Who with?

Eunhyuk sends a perfectly nonchalant text message, cause he really doesn’t care—it doesn’t matter—really.

Oh Kibum! Remember him? ^^

Eunhyuk doesn't reply for a moment and doesn't really know why he is so bothered. Maybe it’s the “ ^^ ” emoticon at the end of the message that gets to him but he tells himself that he’s being stupid. He trusts Donghae enough to let him go out with someone else on Valentines. Even if it has to be Kim Kibum.

It’s not that he hates Kibum or anything like that. It’s just that considering the fact that Kibum used to his best friend and used to date Donghae that worries him. And it doesn't help that Eunhyuk got together with his best friend’s boyfriend—but that was ages ago, so it shouldn't matter really.

Of course I do! Well don’t go cheating on me this Valentines yeah? Keke.

Eunhyuk tries to mask his thoughts with a weak attempt at a joke, and he thanks heavens that no one is around to hear the nervous and possibly, bitter laughter that accompanies those words.

Eunhyuk is unable to sleep that night, thinking about Donghae and Kibum, though he keeps telling himself that he is thinking too much. Trust seems to be losing its meaning each time he repeats it in his head.

He sits through a nerve-wrecking day at work, because his mind is preoccupied with his boyfriend, and it doesn’t help that his colleagues are gushing about spending Valentines with their loved ones after work while Eunhyuk is stuck in the office doing voluntary overtime.

It is enough for Eunhyuk to rush off to Donghae’s after work at 10 where he jumps a confused Lee Donghae the moment the door is opened, pinning the man to the floor and smothering him with butterfly kisses.

At least Eunhyuk figures that Valentines does have a meaning to it after all, and should belong to no one, but him and Donghae.

Pairing: Changmin/Yunho
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Hurt, Smut

They are truly alone for the first time this Valentines and feeling the space left behind by the other members. They figured that as long as they were occupied half the time, things would work out, not having to think about betrayal and mistrust and whatnot—such words were familiar thoughts in their minds.

It doesn’t matter that SM has lined up tons of performances and schedules for them if at the end of the day, they crash by the dorm couch, just the two of them, and these thoughts just come flooding back unconsciously.

Changmin proposes a drink—just to forget—and Yunho agrees. And by the eighth bottle, they’re both sprawled on the floor, dangerously close to one another, breath reeking of alcohol and hurt.

Yunho doesn’t realize when he starts stroking the younger man’s hair and drawing circles at the base of his neck until he finds himself staring at Changmin’s nervous adam’s apple bobbing up and down, that his tongue flicks around his chin teasingly until he finds Changmin’s mouth and kisses him over and over again.

“Hyung…” Changmin manages to choke out, in between kisses and tears, “please--”

But Yunho doesn’t understand what the ‘please’ is for, nor can he comprehend the tears, but figures that Changmin is as confused as him. So he pulls back.

“I’m sorry Minnie…” and Yunho rolls over tipping over a few empty bottles.

But Changmin grabs his arm, his eyes filled with earnest, “hyung?” It was not like Yunho to spontaneously kiss anyone, not even when he was drunk, which he hardly became as he had a high tolerance for alcohol.

“Thanks Minnie, thank you for being there for me, even when no one really believed in us you know.”

Yunho heaves a sigh and pushes himself off the floor, propping himself up with his arm. But finds himself being pulled back to the floor by Changmin. “Min?”

Changmin pulls the older man towards him again until he has Yunho in a messy heap in his arm, breathing in his scent as he nuzzles Yunho’s hair gently. “Let’s just stay like that a while hyung,” Changmin whispers, just loud enough for Yunho to hear.

And they do, until the day is over. Because all they have now is each other, and that’s all that matters.

Happy Valentines you guys!
Sorry I havent been updating as regularly as I wish to:/ and this will be my last update for a while cause i'll be going on an awesome trip to taipei and hk in a matter of hours!
Love you guys<3
Tags: pairing: changmin/yunho, pairing: donghae/eunhyuk, pairing: kibum/donghae
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