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Dongwoon/Junhyung: Almost forgot

Title: Almost forgot
Pairing: Dongwoon/Junhyung
Rating: NC-17

A/N: I give up on long love lines. Hooray for short smex:) Based on this prompt at 03:13 that features Dongwoon at his sexiest:) No wonder Junhyung complies.

“Fuck, what are you doing Dongwoon? This is a company van for crying out loud.”

Song Dongwoon doesn’t give a damn at this point and Junhyung knows it, but standard procedure calls for adequate warning.

Junhyung doesn’t know what has gotten into Dongwoon, nor does he know what the man is thinking, calling Junhyung down to the underground car park at two in the morning only to find himself shoved into backseat of the bulletproof, heavily tinted company van, jumped, and his shirt ripped off like a paper jacket.

Dongwoon’s already half there, his denim jeans a pool on the floor, cramming his lips and tongue into Junhyung’s desperately wanting.

Junhyung feels the seat recline gradually as Dongwoon’s finger finds the button and the other impatiently fumbles with the catch on Junhyung’s pants.

“Shit Dongwoon, you’re too damned slow.” And Junhyung’s caught on fast enough. But before his pants can leave his ankles, Dongwoon’s already pulled down Junhyung’s Calvin Kleins and has his hand wrapped around Junhyung’s dick, warm and erratically pumping till Junhyung starts to spill in splashes of white.

Dongwoon is quiet the entire time because for one thing, he has been wanting to fuck his hyung so badly, and for another, Junhyung’s been throwing Dongwoon all these sideways come-hither glances ever since they did their first comeback stage that evening after Dongwoon’s sexy self-touching session that the Dongsaeng just wants to be all over his hyung.

Junhyung feels his cock aching with pleasure as he continues to spill over Dongwoon’s hand and starts to moan embarrassingly in delight. He bites his lips together in an effort not to make too many embarrassing noises—but to no avail, as he is soon screaming for more of Dongwoon.

He pushes the younger down onto the reclined seats, watching his lick up his cum with sheer lust and want, and Junhyung is turned on so bad. He puts two fingers past Dongwoon’s white teeth and intertwines them with his cum-stained fingers. His hands move past Dongwoon’s extremely erect dick just throbbing with desire and teasingly strokes the underside of it, trailing messiness along the thick vein before inserting his fingers into the opening.

Dongwoon lets out a moan and wants to ask Junhyung to go faster, but he can’t because it’s an unspoken self-denial thing, so he has to wait impatiently for Junhyung to stretch him far enough.

But it’s not before long that Dongwoon momentarily breaks his vow of silence and cries out in pain and pleasure when Junhyung hits the soft spot where his prostate is as he jams another finger into Dongwoon.

Junhyung smiles as he sees the mush that he can turn the Dongsaeng into as he lightly fingers the spot, feeling Dongwoon shudder under his touch and watching his dick throb even more, drops of cum forming at the tip of his erection just threatening to spill.

“No, you can’t,” and Junhyung bends low enough to brush his tongue over Dongwoon’s cock.

He knows they don’t have much time left before the other members start to ask questions and as much as he wants to play around with Dongwoon, he can’t. Junhyung hurriedly removes his fingers from Dongwoon’s ass and jams his dick into Dongwoon, causing the man to jerk his head up and arch his back up in pain with the suddenness of the entry.

Dongwoon automatically lifts his legs up and locks them around Junhyung’s head, pulling the hyung in closer, driving him deeper into orgasmic elation.

And by the time they are done, all sweaty and panting in each other’s arms, lazily pulling cotton over their heads, Junhyung’s already laughing because his Dongsaeng is completely exhausted and pantsless.

“Your stamina sucks dude,” he teases, flicking Dongwoon’s nipple before diving into the backseat in search of his lost underwear.

Dongwoon simply pants and laughs in response, as his tired fingers scrabble to locate his top, “You started it hyung, and you know it.”

Junhyung slides open the van door and jumps out lightly, looking perfectly unfettered, save for his undone shoelaces, leaving a now flustered Dongwoon behind as he struggles in his attempt to get his clothes on. “We better do something about that stamina of yours anyway.”

Tags: pairing: dongwoon/junhyung
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